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​Fees are per semester

  • $25 registration fee/per family

  • $100 for first child

  • $90 for second child

  • $80 for third child

  • $70 for fourth child

  • Max per family is $350 if they have more than four children (co-op option).

  • Plus an additional $320 per family for those who want drop off (not including infants, toddlers and preschoolers)

Co-op Schedule

9:00-9:50am First class

9:55-10:45am Second class

11:00am Mass (TLM)

12:00pm Lunch and social time

-kids may participate in a club (Lego, chess, knitting, book, etc.)

*The fees cover the morning classes.  Any family is welcome to stop by for Mass, lunch and social time without registering for schola.

Classes Offered

(More may be added)

  • Catechesis of the Good Shepherd level 1 *
  • Art: basics
  • Treasure & Tradition: The Latin Mass​
  • Survival Skills

*CGS will be from 9:00-10:45.  This is the only class for the 3-5 year olds.

Class Descriptions

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd:
This is a Montessori based catechesis program where children are given the opportunity to work with practical life (pouring, flower arranging, scooping, etc.) and religious works (setting the model altar, liturgical calendar, parables, etc.)  that help the children build a relationship with God and be better able to participate during Mass.

Art: basics

This class is taught by a professional artist.  The instructor will go over basic techniques for any student interested in expanding their art skills.

Treasure & Tradition: The Latin Mass
A class on looking into the whys and hows of the Latin Mass and how we can enter more deeply into the mysteries of God as experienced through the ancient prayers of the Church. This class will be taught by Fr. Butler.

Survival Skills:

Students will learn the basics for surviving out in nature and what to do during an emergency. 

*We hope to add more classes as families register for the co-op.  As of right now the class list is tentative and subject to change.  The director of the co-op will contact families of the final class offereings when they are confirmed.  Families will be contacted to finalize classes based on order registration is received.

*If the final classes are not to your liking you may choose to drop out and receive a refund.

Schola Sacratissimi Cordis
School of The Most Sacred Heart
Homeschool Co-op

This co-op meets on the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month.


Fall Semester is

August 16 - December 20, 2024


Spring Semester is

January 17 - May 16, 2025


Contact Lauren Delius

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