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Please prayerfully consider joining one of these ministries to give back to the St. Martha community.

The Seven Sisters Apostolate is a group of at least 7 women who commit to pray one holy hour each week for our pastor.


Contact Lauren Delius at

for more information or to join.

Seven Sister Apostolate
Meals for our priest

Please sign up to provide a meal to show appreciation for all our pastor does for  St. Martha.

St. Martha's Hospitality Guild

St. Martha's Hospitality Guild is a group of men and women who serve the needs of parishioners and build community through:

  • building a network of neighbors to call on when someone needs help-- for example, mowing the lawn for a parishioner after surgery or helping with a ride to Mass if someone's car breaks down

  • supporting parishioners during life events-- with prayer and organizing meal trains for births, illnesses, family losses, etc.

  • welcoming new parishioners-- individually get to know new members, helping them build new friendships and integrate into parish life

Email to let us know how we can help-- meals, prayers, or other ways we can support you.

Liturgical Events
Over 55 Group
Altar Server
Women's Group

The women's group is open to all women of the parish. 

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